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Welcome to the Data & AI Literacy Hub!

Our concept

The Data and AI Literacy Hub is a guided learning platform that offers individual learning paths for different backgrounds and skill levels. It enables you to develop the skills necessary to navigate the data-driven world and apply AI techniques in custom projects. Whether you have no prior experience or want to grow your existing knowledge, our guided courses provide tailored content and resources to help you advance your skills. Get started by finding the best course for you!



  • develop or deepen your data science and AI skills
  • access to carefully selected free courses
  • follow learning paths that meet your needs
  • learn at your own pace

5 carefully curated learning paths that guide people with different backgrounds through their learning journey to suit their individual level of knowledge

14 high-quality courses covering a broad range of topics and formats, from engaging video courses to interactive learning opportunities that allow for practical, hands-on experience

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